Majestic peaks, alpine lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain passes, forests, exceptional flora and fauna! An accessible walking trail in a fabulous setting. Access amazing panoramas on an extraordinary trail.

Discover one of the first hiking trails in Valais, the legendary Dents-du-Midi circuit. Inaugurated in 1972, it owes its reputation to the marathon held there for nearly 40 years. The accommodation options dotted along the trail mean that you can organize your breaks as you like, stopping to sleep, have a meal or just a refreshing drink.

This trail requires hikers to be in good physical condition. It is accessible to families. It is can be completed in 2, 3 or 4 days from June to October, depending on snow conditions. There are many alternative trails to add on, allowing you to lengthen your stay if you so wish.

In addition to the added safety being accompanied brings, our professional moutain hike leaders will be able to tell you all about the mountains and their secrets!

Whether it's for a quick break, a meal or an overnight stay, there are many accommodation options dotted along the trail allow hikers to complete the circuit at their own pace.

On the circuit

Au Fait Mex’son Auberge de Chindonne Auberge de l'Armailli Auberge de Salanfe Cabane d'Anthème Cabane de Susanfe Centre sportif des Jeurs Refuge de Bonavau Refuge des Dents du Midi

At the beginning of the circuit

Hôtel de la Dent-du-Midi Le Petit Baroudeur Backpacker Whitepod

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The Dents-du-Midi circuit is not just a loop trail: there are peaks of varying heights to be scaled, discovery trails to be explored, a magnificent glacier and intersections with major hiking trails. So many ways to explore our beautiful mountains!

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