Trail step of Tour des Dents-du-Midi

Bonavau – Anthème

  • Ascent of : 578 meters
  • Descent of : 227 meters
  • Distance : 4.55 km
  • Hiking time : 3h (← 2h30)

Trail step info

From the Bonavau refuge (1550m.), return approximately 400m in the direction you came to reach the circuit trail via a footbridge over the powerful Saufla torrent. The trail climbs up gradually, going through the Rossetan mountain pasture (1650m.) and passing by Metecoui chalet (1775m.). There is a great viewpoint from here over the valley and the magnificent areas of Planachaux, Les Crosets and the Portes du Soleil.

A further effort is required to reach the two small lakes at Antheme (2035m.), but it will be worth it to discover this leafy haven of peace and calm, set on a plain bound by the crest of Sélaire and the Dent de la Chaux. The Antemoz hut (2037m.) sits just below.

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