A tour package with one of our seasoned mountain hike leaders
Who’s it for? Why?

  • When you’re just starting out
    Walking in the mountains for several days is a skill to be learned! And who better than our hike leaders, all passionate about the area, to accompany you on this new adventure?
  • Don’t want to go alone?
    Do you prefer to share the experience with a small group and meet others who appreciate the mountains like you?
  • To savour the joys of stepping off the “beaten track”
    That’s where all the magic of these guided hikes lies! Listen to the legends spun about the Dents-du-Midi, imagine yourself digging gold in the Salanfe mines, learn how to recognize the call of the tetralyre, gaze with wonder at the startling blue of an Alpine gentian…
  • Concerned about safety?
    Would you rather not worry about what time breakfast is served, what the weather is up to, how the path is looking or any other little snags which may spoil the joy of being up there in the mountains?

There’s no doubt, a guided tour package is the one for you!

Independent self-guided tours
Who’s it for? Why?

Unfortunately, we have decided to suspend the booking via the regional offices. But you can book directly with each hut. Here are the contact details of each hut according to the package chosen.

  • When and with whom you like
    You prefer to be independent. You love strolling along at your own pace, with your friends, as a couple or with your family. You’d rather choose your own dates for a holiday, when it suits you.
  • Two fixed prices offers are available for hikers of all levels.
    Whether you are a highly trained sportsperson or an occasional hiker, our fixed price offers can be adapted to your needs.

For you, the independent self-guided tour is the one! The Hiker Package or the Sporting Package

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