Accomodation of Tour des Dents-du-Midi

Cabane d’Anthème

Anthèmes - 2037m

Open: from mid-June to the beginning of October, according to weather conditions
Weekly Closure: none

Overlooking the Val d'Illiez, the hut is situated in a picturesque spot just by a couple of small mountain lakes. It sits at the base of the steep walls leading up to the peak of Haute Cime, with a view over the Portes de Soleil area.

Only on foot.
Closest Carpark: Grand Paradis, 150 minutes away on foot.
Closest public transport: AOMC station in Champéry, 150 minutes away on foot.

Equipped with
25 dormitory places, your own sleeping bag liner is strongly advised.

Services available
Half-board, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, picnics.
Hot water/tea in a thermos.

Services on offer
Animals only accepted on certain conditions ***please enquire***

Breakfast from 7-8.30am
Lunch from 11am to 6pm
Evening meal at 6.30 pm

Languages spoken
French, English, German, Hungarian

Telephone Network
Mobile coverage

Cash, in Swiss francs or Euros

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