Trail step of Tour des Dents-du-Midi

Chindonne/Les Jeurs – Mex

  • Ascent of : 543 meters
  • Descent of : 1018 meters
  • Distance : 11.55 km
  • Hiking time : 3h (← 3h30)

Trail step info

From Chindonne mountain pasture (1604m.) or from Les Jeurs sports centre (1560m.), follow the trail through the sparse undergrowth as far as Chalet à Bagnes (1531m.), which offers a fantastic viewpoint. The trail then winds its way into the forest of Cleusey and crosses the Mauvoisin torrent before reaching the small mountain pasture of Fahy (1269m.). Nestled at the foot of the spectacular waterfalls cascading over the Trois-Merles crest, this is a place of wild beauty which offers a cool haven in summer. (In the event of high waters in the Mauvoisin, use the path which goes directly down from Cleusey).

Leave Fahy on the trail which goes through the forest and crosses the Mauvoisin once again. At this point the trail becomes rocky, continue until a fork in the path. It is possible to reach Verossaz from here: leave the road, cross the Mauvoisin again and walk through the beautiful forests of Seintanere and Orgieres to get to Mex (1118m.)

Alternative: L'Aiguille de Mex (1866m.)

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